Alternative communication system Pecs

Pecs is one of the means of alternative means of communication.



Numicon is a programme, system and set of illustrative material developed in England in 1996-1998 for children who have difficulties in learning mathematics.


18000 developing and educational games

Our specialists have in their disposal toys of the best and acknowledged world brands and producers such as Learning Resources, Hape, EDX, Grimms, Miniland, Educo, Beleduc, Rolf, Djeco, Weplay and others.


Mobile interactive drawers

The Interactive drawer is an indispensable modern educational tool for developing and remedial classes with children.


Diagnostic equipment

Diagnostic equipment: assessment of the brain’s ability to process vestibular, visual and sound information with the help of devices, assessment of the blood supply quality to the brain.


Percussion systems, ethnic diamonds and drums for neuroacoustic stimulation

Psycho-emotional unloading, remedial work with various types of deviations, disorders, both psychological and physiological by means of rhythms, sounds, movements.


Tactile and massage equipment for neurostimulation

Tactile sensations are very important for the child’s development from an early age.


Hemispheric neurostimulators

The development of interhemispheric cooperation is the basis for the child’s intellectual development.


Kisling’s elastic stocking

Kisling’s elastic stocking is an effective tool for sensory integration, affecting the vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile systems.


Soundproofing earphones for children with autism

More and more gadgets are being developed to help people with various diseases and disorders.


Weighted vests for children with ADHD, hyperactivity and autism

The weighted vest stimulates the proprioceptive system through the nerve endings located in the muscles, joints and ligaments.


Children’s gym

We have a specially created children’s gym where the specialists such as motor therapists, defectologists, neuropsychologists use the training devices designed especially for children in the frames of various activities.


Montessori’s growing space

Studying in Montessori environment allows to stimulate visual, auditory, tactile modality and to use this stimulation for a long period.


Equipment for social adaptation

The main purpose of children’s role-play is to educate a child and adapt him/her to the world around him/her by imitating the actions of other people and/or animals, creatures.


Equipment for the logopedic massage

Speech The Z-Vibe Speech Therapy Electromassager is the world’s best equipment for speech therapy massage and preparation of human mouth articulation muscles for speech therapy classes.


Opti Muzic interactive system

Opti is becoming a universal tool for teaching children of all levels of preparation and physicocognitive abilities in the practice of motor therapists, neuropsychologists and speech therapists.


Interactive training platform

Interactive platform is a video camera, several levels of musical action games with the ability to organize competitions, as this new game system memorizes and systematizes the results.


Logo simulator (Biological feedback)

The purpose of this equipment is the prevention and correction of voice and speech disorders, teaching of the reading technique, the correction of stuttering, logoneurosis, alalia, aphasia, dysgraphy and dyslexia, dysarthria and dyslalia, rhinolalia.


A balance cup for sand therapy

A special sandbox , which is made from natural wood and stone, is not only unique from the aesthetic point of view, but also represents a special psychological instrument, the design of which is therapeutic in itself.


Light-sound panel devices «for speech development»

Light — sound panels are used for interactive games, visual and sound stimulation, the development of cause-effect relations and logopedic work to evoke speech.


Interactive dry pool

This is a space for developing games and children’s relaxation, and it improves the cardiovascular system and the child’s central nervous system.


Interactive projection systems

The use of an interactive table for children allows to create a large number of communicative exercises that can be used at any stage of the lesson.


Voting systems for Smart interactive board

The interactive board and the voting system are universal tools for organizing the educational process in a way that will increase children’s interest towards classes, the stability of attention and the speed of thinking operations.


Aquanimation tables

Aquanimation is a breathtaking dance of colors, which intertwined among themselves, and creates amazing patterns. It is almost impossible to create two identical paintings in this technique.


Sand therapy equipment

The Jungian sandbox classes help to overcome communication difficulties, teach to express one’s thoughts in the words, to be responsible for one’s own actions and deeds, to rely more on oneself and to develop self-confidence.


Sensory integration equipment

We cannot underestimate the importance of the sensory stimulation of the world. Through the sensorial development we give the child the mechanism of world perception.


Light- and Colour Therapy Equipment

One of the methods to preserve the mental health of preschool children is light- and colour therapy.


Anti-gravity room

Anti-gravity exercises at the NeuroLogopedic Center » Beyond the Rainbow » are part of the program for some group and individual classes.


Aromatherapy equipment

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to protect kids from viral diseases and colds.


Smart interactive board

The interactive board significantly expands the possibilities of presenting educational information and increases the child’s motivation.


Certified equipment for the neuroacoustic correction according to the Thomatism Method (Rulisten)

This neuroacoustic program is used for children and adults and demonstrates brilliant results of the brain stimulation.


Myotrainer (Biological feedback)

In our center Biological feedback is assigned to the children with ADHD, with attention and memory problems, as well as with scoliosis, flat feet, club-foot and «curvature» of the spine.


Medically-rehabilitation techniques for cerebellar stimulation

An extended cerebellar stimulation program must be included in the neurocorrectional program of rehabilitation.


Headset with bone conductivity Forbrain

FORBRAIN® (For brain) is special earphones that allow you to train your brain in the interpretation of auditory information.


Fast For Word program to initiate speech

Computer remedial method that has been developed by the world’s leading scientists of Scientific Learning Company in the field of speech disorders.


Biofeedback for the development of active attention (Play Attention)

Play Attention is a program of correction and attention enhancement that uses the latest developments of biofeedback. Biofeedback technology allows you to control your computer with active attention.


Interactive Metronom software and hardware system

A high-tech developing technique, created by Interactive Metronom company for overcoming speech,attention and behavior disorders, which are related to the time management and movement planning, to the development of rhythm and time senses.


Equipment for Neuroacoustic Stimulation In Time

It’s a unique method — a true breakthrough in therapy and neurology. It was developed and tested by a team of experts from Advanced Brain Technologies (USA).


Biofeedback of Timocco video-management system

Developing-correction complex with Timoссo’s video-management is a motor-visual program developed by specialists from Israel for children with special educational and developmental needs.


Omi Beam Interactive Ray

OMI BEAM is a new and effective way in the area of development and rehabilitation. OMI BEAM converts the movements into music and images.


Omi Floor Interactive Floor

Omi Floor Interactive Floor is a unique project of the British scientists that can make the learning and development process meaningful and entertaining.


Luminous sand tables

The creation of sand paintings is an immersion in a fairy tale, a world of fantasies, bizarre images, and winding lines.


Giant interactive sandbox

Giant interactive sandbox is a unique opportunity for relaxing classes for children with tics, fears, logoneurosis, speech stuttering and anxiety.


Water and Sand Centers

The games with water and different types of sand are an excellent element of role-playing games, social adaptation classes, sand and water animation.


Dark sensory room

The sensory room is an indispensable aid in the rehabilitation of adults and children, as with medical, as with psychological and psychoemotional problems.


Giant interactive sandbox

Giant interactive sandbox is a unique opportunity for relaxing classes for children with tics, fears, logoneurosis, speech stuttering and anxiety.


Water and Sand Centers

The games with water and different types of sand are an excellent element of role-playing games, social adaptation classes, sand and water animation.


Dark sensory room

The sensory room is an indispensable aid in the rehabilitation of adults and children, as with medical, as with psychological and psychoemotional problems.


Innovative equipment for programming and robotics

Cubetto is a smart robot with a wooden body designed to help children in learning the basics of programming. It is a game set designed to teach the children to program through colors, shapes and tactile sensations.


Transparent tablets

Transparent tablets are a great tool for neuropsychologists and art therapists. This tool is used by the specialists to solve diagnostic, developmental, therapeutic, correctional tasks with children of preschool and school age.


Neurostimulators and neurotrainers

Unique innovative biofeedback equipment that is integrated into a correctional or developmental program and helps to develop attention, concentration, thinking, auditory and visual attention, and memory.




Handgam develops creativity in both children and adults.


Steam generators and steam cleaners

We pay great attention to cleanliness and safety in our center, that is why our steam cleaners are great friends and assistants.


Infrared thermometer

We pay a great attention to the safety and hygiene of all children in the center.


Toilet room equipment

HaWe consider that hygiene, safety and cleanliness are of great importance.


Swaddling Tables

All toilets of our center are equipped with comfortable swaddling tables.


Skin antiseptic dosing units and dispensers

You will definitely see dispensers of skin antiseptics in many rooms of the Neurologopedic Center «Beyond the Rainbow» such as logopedic, defectological, logopedic massage room and in the corridors.


Air-conditioning system

Our center is equipped with air-conditioning, cleaning, ionization and flavoring systems.



All the rooms of our center are equipped with air ionizers.



All the rooms of the center are equipped with Loherber flavours, filled with exquisite smells of aromatherapy oils.


Orthopedic seats

Orthopedic seats guarantee the best physiological position of the spine and prevent fatigue and back pain.



All the rooms of the center are equipped with video surveillance system.


Bactericidal recirculators

The bactericidal recirculators are specialized devices for air disinfection.


Salt lamps

A salt lamp is a device that helps to achieve a natural ionization of the indoor air.


Sterilizers for speech therapy probes

The ultraviolet sterilizer provides a bactericidal treatment of all the instruments.