In our work we are GUIDED BY THE REVOLUTIONAL nonmedicamentous CORRECTIONS OF NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS. We do not have any leisure and entertainment activities. All our remedial classes are aimed at developing skills and abilities, overcoming behavioral difficulties, in the communication, interaction, etc. We do not accompany and entertain children, but together with their parents set global goals and specific objectives for the correction of their disorders, socialization, speech development, intellectual and communication skills.

Unfortunately, even talented children do not always become Successful, so what can I say, if in the childhood there are already any difficulties in the development such as behavioral, speech, communicative, intellectual, interaction problems, should we forget about Success?!!!!!!!! We say no, the individual path of the development is not a verdict with a timely and appropriate remedial approach. There is often a special talent in the children with special educational needs; this talent should be revealed, helping them to adapt to the requirements of society.

The most important thing is to conduct a professional diagnostic examination!

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In our work we use neurocorrective, speech therapeutic, neuroacoustic, defectological, art-therapeutic, psychologically-corrective and neurologopedic methods. Nowadays these are the most effective medicine-free method of helping children, and therefore do not have any side effects. With a competent professional approach, they are the most effective and sustainable, because these methods are based on the brain training and specific brain zones!

Corrective program is designed individually for every child on the basis of classical neuropsychological methods, body oriented therapy, as well as the most effective techniques borrowed from defectology, speech therapy, sensory integration, physical therapy, art therapy, psychoanalysis, behavioral therapy.

In our center, we integrate corrections into our program:
— more than 18,000 educational and training games;
— more than 20 educational simulators;
— more than 30 types of innovative equipment;

The correction program is organized strictly on the basis of individual peculiarities of every child, goals and objectives of correction, and is prescribed strictly for every child by a specialist, on the basis of neuropsychological diagnostics and hardware examination by devices.
Corrective work allows the child to overcome the difficulties of learning, development, communication or interaction without any medicine.
The program of neuropsychological correction presupposes the observation of all the recommendations of the leading specialist and the implementation of mandatory fixation at home. There are also a number of other organizational requirements that need to be followed in in order to make the lesson more effective.

In our center the latest Innovative equipment and methods are integrated into various programs of correctional classes in order to achieve the greatest and the most rapid result, as well as to be able to conduct correctional work even with the most difficult children. Educational and correctional simulators motivate even the youngest children with early childhood autism, hyperactivity, mental retardation, «field» behavior, Asperger’s syndrome, mental and speech retardation, mental retardation, speech disorders, alalia, ADHD, hyperactivity.

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Speech Therapy Massage

Speech therapy massage is recommended for children with alalia, dysarthria, rhinolaria, speech retardation, stuttering, and some other speech disorders.

Speech therapy programs at the NeuroLogopedic Center » Beyond the Rainbow»

In our center speech therapy classes are a system aimed at the correction of speech disorders in all aspects of speech: phonetic, grammatical, lexical, pragmatic.

Speech therapy classes with Fast For Word program

Fast ForWord classes are prescribed for the children with speaking and writing disorders, mental retardation, attention disorders, autism spectrum disorders (early childhood autism, Asperger’s syndrome).

Speech therapy sessions with Forbrain headsets

FORBRAIN® (For the brain) is special headphones that allow you to train your brain in the processing of auditory information.


Neuroacoustic stimulation by IN Time method

This method is a real breakthrough in therapy and neurology. Its essence is to harmonize the work of the brain.

Neuroacoustic stimulation by Tomatis method

Tomatis method is based on specially processed musical melodies of Tomatis, Gregorian songs and waltzes.


Speech therapy classes with the speech launch program Fast For Word

Fast ForWord classes are prescribed for children with speaking and writing disorders, mental retardation, attention disorders, autism spectrum disorders (early childhood autism, Asperger’s syndrome).

Neurotherapy classes in speech launch programs (Alalia, speech disorders, mental and speech disorders)

Speech retardation affects a child’s communication with adults and peers, making it difficult to understand and interact with them.


Diagnostic examination (both hardware and hardware free)

NeuroLogopedic Center «Above the Rainbow» neuropsychologist conducts hardware-free diagnostics (neuropsychological tests) and hardware examination.

Neuropsychological correction of preschool children

Neuropsychological correction is the most effective medicine-free method to help children today, and therefore it has no side effects.

Neuropsychological correction of schoolchildren (correction of school «failure», dysgraphy, dyslexia, dysorphography)

Our method is based on the data of modern neuroscientific researches conducted by famous universities: Harvard, Stanford and John Hopkins University.

Neuropsychological correction with enhanced cerebellar stimulation

Cerebellar stimulation is another neuropsychological correction program at the NeuroLogopedic Center «Above the Rainbow».

Neuropsychological correction with sensory integration program and antigravity

SENSORY INTEGRATION is a natural, neurological process of human development that begins in the womb and continues throughout the life. It is important to mention that the best time for the development is the first seven years of life.

Neuropsychological Correction with Rhythmotherapy and Light Therapy

The neuropsychological correction program is based strictly on the individual characteristics of every child and is prescribed individually by a specialist on the basis of neuropsychological diagnostics.

Neuropsychological correction with integrated sensory stimulation program (in the sensory room)

The sensory room or, as it is called, the psychological relaxation room, is used worldwide to treat numerous neurological and psychological disorders.

Neuropsychological Correction with biofeedback of Timocco video-management system

Timocco aims at developing motor and cognitive skills including bilateral coordination, eye to hand coordination, attention, control of body position in space, communication.

Neuropsychological Correction with Interactive Metronome (IM) program

A high-tech developing technique has been created by Interactive Metronome Company to overcome speech, attention and behavior disorders, related to time calculation and movement planning, as well as to the development of the sense of rhythm and time.

Neuropsychological correction with the integrated and interactive OMI BEAM program

OmiBeam includes more than 100 thematic interactive programs. The smart beam system allows psychologists of our center to create their own settings using their own sounds and images.

Neuropsychological correction with the integrated and interactive OMI FLOOR program

OMI FLOOR is a unique project of the British scientists, which can make the process of learning and development rich and enjoyable.

Neurodynamic correction with integrated kinesiotherapy and brainfitness program

The program of neurodynamic correction is a system that includes scientifically proved neuropsycho-correctional methods, aimed at the development of brain reserves, through which the development and rehabilitation of the entire body occurs.

Neuro-correctional classes with Play Attention program for the development of active attention

Play Attention is a program of correction and attention enhancement, using the latest developments of biofeedback. Biofeedback technology allows you to control your computer with active attention.


Defectology program for the development of coherent speech, vocabulary expansion, literacy training

In our center the defectologists and neuropsychologists carry out a complex correction for the development of speech, grammatical system, syllable structure, ideas about the surrounding world, broaden the general horizons of the child.

Defectological classes with integrated Floortime program

Remedial classes with the children of preschool age are assigned according to the results of special diagnostics of the actual level of child’s development and his/her potential abilities.

Defectological classes on the development of mathematical and spatial concepts

All children, regardless of the complexity of the problem, are admitted to the classes for the defectologist, including «difficult» and » unteachable» children, who have been abandoned by other institutions and specialists.

Defectology classes with integrated ABA therapy program

ABA-therapy is a scientific approach through which a specialist defines the relationship between behaviour and various environmental stimuliABA-therapy is a scientific approach through which a specialist defines the relationship between behaviour and various environmental stimuli

Defectology classes with integrated Alternative Communication Program PECS and Macaton

Remedial classes with the children of preschool age are assigned according to the results of special diagnostics of the actual level of child’s development and his/her potential abilities.


Psycho-communicative classes (individual, in diadems, triads)

The aim of communication skills development is to develop communication competence, peer orientation, expansion and enrichment of experience in cooperative activities and the forms of communication with peers.

Psychologically correctional classes with an integrated program of art therapy, sand therapy, water animation, clay therapy

In our center there is a huge stock of equipment for the realization of various purposes of art-therapeutic correctional work.

Musical-rhythmic therapy (drums, percussion, glucophones, hang drums, interactive installation Opti Muzic)

These classes are an integral part of the correctional program on the development of communicative skills, interaction, and self-control for children with emotional disorders and peculiarities in the development.

Remedial classes on the program of social adaptation and role-playing games

In our center remedial classes with the children of preschool age are assigned according to the results of special diagnostics of the actual level of child’s development and his/her potential abilities.